Thursday, September 03, 2009

Who's your Gov'ner then?

Apologies for the lack of blog posts, things have been a little busy in my neck of the woods. Cello No. 5 is finished and off to its owner in Hobart very soon. She is a beauty.

Speaking of Hobart, I had to pop down there a couple of weeks ago to receive my fellowship award from the Governor. Very nice event it was too - apart from the strangely abrupt version of the national anthem they played on the Governor's arrival, it was literally the first couple of bars then cut to the last couple. They call it "the Royal Salute"! The Mayor of our small town and his wife even travelled south to be at the presentation which was very kind of them. The fellowship dinner followed and it was great to meet other fellows, recent and past, and hear about their trips and ideas. It is an incredible opportunity so if you need info or skills which you can only get overseas, then apply

Back to reality after my moment of glory and back to my cellos. Cello No 6 and 7 both have the ribs complete and I am now working on the tops and backs, arching and purfling. 

And I have a new motorbike - an Aprilia Mana 850. I am now complete.