Monday, March 29, 2010

Au revoir! Bon Voyage!

I know, I know, a long time between posts, but things have been tres busy around here. It took some time to get going on a new instrument after last year's cello frenzy. Now she has begun to take shape. Once the ribs are done you get a much better idea of the instrument's form. The
Francois Rabbath Quenoil Double Bass.

Aside from organising our upcoming French Odyssey, much scratching away on orchestral excerpts has been done by my good self in preparation for an audition for the new Tasmanian Discovery Orchestra. I am happy to say that I was successful and now I am 'primed to make the big bucks' as a professional orchestral musician when I get back from France. The orchestra's first concert will be in April and my first gig with them will be in June. While it will not, in fact, make me rich, I am looking forward to playing. See you there.

Ok, so as of this Friday we will be jet-setting our way across the globe to begin the Smith French Bow making Odyssey. Wish me luck as I have managed to master only two phrases in French, neither of which have anything to do with bow making. But they will know my name and where I am from, if they can comprehend my Tasmanian French accent.

I will attempt to keep you posted on the blog as to our adventures. I will update while recovering form a hard day in the workshop with a nice local fromage and a big glass of Bordeaux's finest.

Back on Monday the 24 May!

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