Tuesday, December 07, 2010


In another life, I worked in a music shop in the big town. The shop stocked the full range of musical instruments strings, brass, pianos, electronic equipment - the works. Customers were always coming in trying to wrangle big discounts on instruments, like it was a used car yard. Christmas seemed to bring it out in the punters even more than was usual and us salesman wearied of the endless haggling of the silly season.

One December day, a gentleman came in. A man with a keen eye for a bargain and a master negotiater. He was like a dog with a bone after a discount. After being denied repeatedly by a colleague, the man cried in despair:

"You are not being very Father Christmassy!"

Ho, ho, ho!

So the Philip Smith Christmas decoration has gone up, no expense spared as you can see. And that's about as Father Christmassy as it gets around here.